Are Web Designers in Leitrim not good enough!?
December 18th, 2015 by Leon

I’ve spotted a few high profile website designs and re-builds for well known Leitrim businesses the last month or two which were built by web design agencies outside of Leitrim. Some of them I was actually asked to quote for and then overlooked for reasons that didn’t really stack up in my opinion. One particular new E-commerce website used the whole “Shop local to support your local economy” angle to market their new site to people but they themselves used the services of a non local company to build their site!?

Now before I get accused of bitterness at not getting the work, I should say the point of this post is to ask the open question to business in Leitrim, is there any particular reason you chose to go outside the county? Did you not realise there were a ton of web design companies located here? Could you not get a competitive quote locally? Did you feel perhaps there isn’t enough expertise locally? Or maybe you were just connected to a company outside Leitrim in some way and felt obliged to use them? I’m just interested to know.

I know any business anywhere is entitled to tender for any job in any part of the country but for somewhere local like Leitrim, design businesses would normally rely on local support for the majority of their business and would probably find it hard, as I do myself, to break into the bigger markets in the bigger cities. Also, those bigger cities are probably saturated with design companies. Using a local company if you are in Leitrim makes it easier to meet, communicate and get ongoing support etc..

There were very few people at web design in Leitrim or Roscommon when I started here first around 2003 but these days there’s a ton of companies offering all levels of expertise and all kinds of prices ranges. Also, there are companies here far better and more capable than me who can do anything you need and probably due it far cheaper than a company in Dublin for example due to less overheads etc so always look local first before you go “outside”!?


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