New Custom Made Websites with Elementor

Just to let you know that I’ve moved away from building websites with off the shelf design templates. I’ve noticed recently that the limitations have started to outweigh the benefits. Some templates are very slow and heavy, others are not very easy to change the layout and some have been abandoned and no further updates are being released which means that over time they become incompatible with newer versions of WordPress and plugins and your website goes down.

I now have extensive experience of using Elementor which is the latest, most widely used, professional system for building WordPress websites from scratch with full control over layout, colours, fonts etc.. It also has a number of built in features and widgets such as:

  • Live Editing
  • Image Sliders
  • Image Galleries
  • E-Commerce features
  • Search Features
  • Social Media/Share Buttons
  • Animated Elements
  • Responsive/Mobile control
  • Lightweight

Elementor has just added Artificial Intelligence (AI) features too so you can use it to suggest relevant content for your website’s pages and blog posts and even write code to do fancy stuff!


More info on Elementor AI here –

Please get in touch if you feel a rebuild of your existing website with Elementor might be of benefit or if you’re planning a new site or know someone who is!

More features. See the full list here –


Website Design Online Trading Voucher Leitrim

The Online Trading Voucher scheme has been around for a few years now but I’ve been getting tons of emails about it and doing some jobs under it a lot recently for some reason. Here’s the layman’s guide to how it works if you’re not sure.

As the name suggests you need to actually trade online to avail of this grant and in terms of website design that means you need to sell something off your website so either a full online shop selling products or a payment/booking page for your services etc.. You can add a payment system to an old site or build a new one with it and still qualify. You will be repaid 50% of the cost of the work after it’s competition and after you have paid for it in full and shown receipts etc.. The maximum amount paid out is €2,500 so this will allow you to have €5,000 max worth of work done depending on your own budget.

Your local enterprise board administers the scheme so they should be your first point of contact but a web designer should be able to advise too. They will give you details of when the scheme windows are open and provide application forms and advice etc..

Here is a simple list of requirements you need to meet to qualify:

  • Trade online
  • Have 10 employees or less
  • Less than €2 million turnover
  • In business for at least 12 months
  • Attend a FREE trading voucher workshop

Here’s some more information and contact point for Leitrim based businesses –

New Services

New Web Design Leitrim Services

New Services

Over the last couple of years I’ve been busy learning new skills, gaining new qualifications and expanding my service list for clients. In addition to my 20 years experience mainly in Website Design and Photo Editing I can now confidently offer the following services:

  • 3D Graphics,
    • Custom Packaging & Product designs and visuals,
    • Product scene placement,
    • CAD design,
    • Product Design.
  • UX/UI Design,
    • Website Prototyping,
    • Mobile App Prototyping,
    • Brainstorming,
    • Project Management.
  • Course & Tutorial Creation,
    • Custom screen recorded tutorials & help videos,
    • Online Course creation.
  • Advanced Audio & Video Editing.

For more information and Portfolio samples, view my main site at