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New Custom Made Websites with Elementor

Just to let you know that I’ve moved away from building websites with off the shelf design templates. I’ve noticed recently that the limitations have started to outweigh the benefits. Some templates are very slow and heavy, others are not very easy to change the layout and some have been

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Cookie GDPR

GDPR Cookie Requirements

I’ve had some emails from clients recently asking about the October 6th 2020 deadline for compliance with the Data Protection Commission’s new guidelines on GDPR and Cookie compliance in particular. I’ve done some research and in a simple to understand (hopefully!) nutshell, here’s what all websites are required to do by

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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

If you currently accept credit or debit card payments via Stripe on your website as part of either a payment form or online shop then you might need to look at your setup and make some changes before September 14th 2019 or transactions may be declined by your bank. Essentially

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CASE STUDY: Building an Online Competition Entry System with Gravity Forms

Initial Problem The scope of the project included rebuilding and redesigning the online entry form for annual poetry competitions held by Strokestown Poetry. Previously there existed a highly inefficient online entry process which involved multiple forms for each competition, each of which required too much unnecessary information from the entrant,

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Broadband Leitrim

Broadband Options & Tips in Leitrim

“Broadband Leitrim”. Oh how those two little words have haunted me over the years, from my first days here when all I had was 128kb ISDN to today when actually, my broadband has been pretty decent wherever I’ve lived recently. And I’ve lived in a lot of different places from

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