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Mobile Friendly, Responsive Web Design Leitrim

Google are about to change their search algorithm next month which will result in mobile friendly websites ranking higher than non mobile friendly ones. Or to put it in other more alarming words, you might lose a few places or more in Google results if you don’t have a mobile version of your site.  Here’s the full Google announcement:

Obviously, people worldwide are accessing online content more and more via phones, tablets etc but some websites might get more mobile traffic than others. For those that get a ton of mobile traffic and don’t have a mobile friendly website, you could lose out big time in Google results and possibly financially too if you rely heavily on organic searches for business leads.

My best advice would be to have a look at your Google Analytics (or other) stats to see how many people access your site via a mobile device and if it’s not a lot then just wait and see how the change on April 21st affects you.

If you seem affected then I’d suggest at least installing a mobile plugin if your site is powered by WordPress or similar CMS and ideally rebuild with a modern responsive design which will adapt to any mobile device screen it’s shown on. That’s what Google seem to be looking for ideally in their test here –


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