Business Grants for Website Design
Jan 31st, 2014 by Leon

Just thought I’d compile a list of bodies that may be able to provide financial assistance to businesses wishing to build a new website or innovate online in some way. If anyone knows any more, please leave details in the comments:

Leitrim Specific:


What use is your Website if it’s not in Google?
Jan 31st, 2014 by Leon

Ideally, your website would come high up the list of results on page one for a large range of Google keyword searches. Each potential customer would click on your entry in the results, land on your website, be impressed and sign up to your service or buy your products with hesitation. This is getting harder and harder to achieve as more businesses go online, more websites exist and more competition ensues. Gone are the days when just having a website and sticking a few keywords on it would bring hits. You really have to work to get a website found these days. You can do it by:

  • Promoting your web address online and offline,
  • Blogging, writing news posts,
  • Social Networking,
  • Link building,
  • Online Ads,
  • etc..

Doing all of the above should give you a good chance but it’s time consuming and not for everyone. I find it effective but I’m in front of a computer all day anyway! What about businesses or tradesmen who rarely get to go online?


If you don’t have time to market your site and it’s not getting hits and making you money and you’re wondering why you have one and whether to keep it or not, please bare in mind the following few important points:

  • For less then €100 per year (My prices!) you get to have as much information about your business as you like online 24/7. It would cost a ton more to have a tiny spec of info in something like the yellow pages,
  • A Website is a great informational resource you can send people to manually/offline,
  • A professional website is a mark of quality and trust for a business,
  • Analyse website traffic for customer intention and trends,
  • Customer service, support and information for existing clients and customers,
  • Easier for others to refer business to you, ie – a web address is easier to remember than a phone number,

So if you’ve spent a relatively large amount of money on a website, please don’t let it go to waste over a few euros a year because it’s not bringing in business. It can prove very useful in many other ways.


Website Design Leitrim
Jan 10th, 2014 by Leon

This site is still number one for a “web design leitrim” search on both Google and Bing! It’s been that way for years now despite tough local competition and me not updating the site much. It just goes to show the value still of buying a good key-worded .ie domain name/web address to give your new website that initial leg up.

Get in touch and see if your preferred web address is still available in the .ie zone or use the search facility HERE.

Remember you need a Registered Business Number from CRO.ie to get a .ie web address. There are no such requirements for a .com but they don’t do as well in Google.ie searches and there aren’t many good keywords left.


WordPress Themes
Sep 27th, 2010 by Leon

I’m pleased to announce a new ‘home’ for all my WordPress related services – www.WPThemes.ie! A sister site to this and Reverb Studios, it features commercial WordPress Themes sales, Custom Theme Design and WordPress Servicing/Updating contracts.

Local Web Design Competition
Jun 15th, 2010 by Leon

I live and work in Leitrim and most of my clients are local. At last count there were about 17 or 18 (that I know of) companies offering Web Design and related services in Leitrim. I feel that’s a lot of competition (or choice if you’re a client!) for such a small area and while none of us are limited to local clients, I’m sure we all have a lot of them regularly.

So what exactly can any of us do? Do we all panic and lower our prices to remain competitive, eventually pricing oursleves out of existence? Do we try to sneakily bad mouth each other or steal each other’s clients? Do we just ignore each other and stick to our own business? I don’t think any of these is ideal. My suggestion would be three fold:

  1. Keep an eye on each other’s services and portfolios and either try to do something different or better.
  2. Communicate with each other and compare talents and client/project experiences for our collective benefit.
  3. Partnerships!

There shouldn’t really be any such thing as bad competition.


Perceived Value in Web Design
Feb 25th, 2010 by Leon

This issue keeps coming up lately, how much to charge for web design services? It seems locally here in Leitrim at least that we are pricing ourselves into the ground with one company doing sites for €99 and another for €14.99 a month. I can’t go that low myself so how can I and others in my industry compete? There’s a thing called perceived value whereby a person shopping for a product or service sees a fantastic price unmatchable by anyone else but gets suspicious at the price. The old saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is..”. Also, people might wonder what you could possibly get for so little.

Another issue also crops up for companies that charge so little. They tend to attract clients of lower quality or clients who are happy to pay €99 for a site but want €500 worth of work done! My own method is to keep one eye on the competition, another on trends, another on my perceived value and another on myself and my offering (I know that’s 4 eyes and I don’t wear glasses!). In other words, I try to be competitive with most other similar companies but I’ll never worry about matching the cheapest as I believe my service is second to none.

In summation, its not always necessary to ‘match’ or beat competitiors prices, it’s more subtle than that these days. People will be happy to pay more if they know they will get personal attention and a good service and especially if they’ve been referred by a friend which thankfully is where most of my work comes from anyway.

These companies don’t worry me!